Britton x ptd. FC Van Isaac, JC, SC, FCh Puppies

Britton x
ptd. AKC/ASFA FIELD CHAMPION Van Isaac, JC, SC Puppies

Dob: April 18, 2002

"The Fully-Functional Rhodesian Ridgeback"
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Kushinda Ridgeback

Currently, Kushinda has a litter of pups whelped April 18, 2002 out of Kushinda's ND Britton Babee - Britton and FC Ketaru Kushinda Van Isaac I Am - VanIsaac..

If you are seriously interested in a Kushinda Puppy, please visit Kushinda's Relevant Documents page. Download the Interview Sheet and Sample Contract. Read each document. Complete the Interview Sheet and contact us as soon as possible to begin our adoption process.

If you might be interested in adopting an older Kushinda dog (retired Champions), please visit Kushinda's Available Older Dogs.

We will be showing and lure coursing in the MD, NJ, PA, and VA areas over the next 6 months. If you would be interested in meeting Kushinda "up close and in person," please contact us to join the Kushinda-List (a Ridgeback discussion list) to monitor our schedule and talk with other Kushinda owners (Daphne, Lisa, Edgar, Geoff, Jedd, and others). We would love to meet you!

Kushinda's ND Britton Babee, OFA - Britton

AKC REG NO: HM70131402 Date of Birth: 3-22-97 Place USA OFA
Breeder: Kimma B. & Kammi K. Hefner
Sire: CHAMPION Kushinda's Rahlua Daktari, JC, CGC/TDI, OFA-G - Daktari
Dam: CHAMPION Kushinda's First Impression, OFA-G
Color: Light Wheaten, Liver Nose
Owners: Kimma B. & Kammi K. Hefner POB 21 Chambersburg, PA 17201

... otherwise known as Britton, is one of Kushinda's strongest moving dogs. Next to her father Daktari, and mother Nancy she has the movement of a Specials Dog!

Britton is also one of the friendlist Ridgebacks I have ever met!

Britton's aunt is the #2 AKC & ASFA Lure Coursing Dog 1996: FIELD CHAMPION Kushinda's Archive Angel, JC, SC, FCh, LCM - Jean-Claude', the #1 AKC & ASFA Lure Coursing Dog 1996. BTW: Jean-Claude and Gwen were also the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States (RRCUS) #1 & #2 dogs as well!

Britton's Uncle Ben, DUAL CHAMPION Kushinda's Rahisi Kubwa BenKim, CD, JC, SC, FCh, CGC, was honored in 1996 by RRCUS for having completed the requirements for his Versatility Certificate!

Britton is also the mother of one of the youngest DUAL CHAMPION Ridgebacks ever! His name is DUAL CHAMPION KUSHINDA'S TWICE BURNED VELDT, FCh - Dun-Dee'.

To see Nancy's pedigree, please visit POST!

To see Daktari's pedigree, please visit POST!

FC Ketaru Kushinda Van Isaac I Am, JC, SC, FCh, OFA-E - VanIsaac

AKC REG NO: HM38592203 Date of Birth: 3-31-96 Place USA
Breeder: S. Beach
Sire: CHAMPION Ridglea's Vartan the Master, ROM, CGC OFA-G HD750806
Dam: Ketaru's Rodeo Drive OFA-G HD724834
Color: Wheaten, Black Mask, Black Nose
Owners: Kimma B. & Kammi K. Hefner POB 21 Chambersburg, PA 17201

... otherwise known as "The Black Boy!, brings to Kushinda a deep dark wheaten color and a black mask. Standing proud at 27 inches and weighing in at 82 pounds, VanI is just beginning his careeer.

In the ring, so far a second place out of the puppy class in October 1997 and he was pulled in the Open class by Mrs. Canalizo at the RRCUS 67th National Specialty.

In the field, he also took a 4th place in his stake at the 67th RRCUS Specialty.

Van Isaac is also the sire of SIX of the TOP TEN RRCUS Lure Coursing Hounds for 2001!

See more of Van Isaac on his personal home page!


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